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Quality Enhancement Service

In Quality Enhancement Service

In Quality Enhancement Service

The Quality Enhancement Service provides a range of quality assurance and enhancement services to the Schools and Services of the University. The Service works in partnership with other areas of the University to provide a means by which we can be assured of the quality of our educational provision and its relevance to our students.

Led by the Director of Quality Enhancement and Standards, the Service includes a central team located in the University's Trent Building and Quality Administrative Officers located within each School.

Primary purpose

The Primary purpose of the Quality Enhancement Service is to assist in the maintenance and enhancement of the quality of the University's educational provision.

Primary responsibilities

QES is responsible for the administration of the University's quality assurance and enhancement procedures. The Service has the following primary responsibilities:

  • to advise Schools and Services on quality policy and process both internal to the University and those of external bodies such as the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA);
  • to arrange the approval of new courses and the critical review of existing provision;
  • to provide administrative support for the quality assurance of the University's collaborative provision;
  • to provide officer support for a number of University Committees;

General responsibilities

Members of QES act as officers to a range of University Committees including Academic Board and Quality Enhancement Committee, plus other ad hoc working groups related to quality matters when required;

External examiner nominations and appointments are administered within QES, as are the reports external examiners submit at the end of each year;

QES is responsible for establishing and overseeing the continuous monitoring of University awards;

University course approval panels and reviews, both on and off campus, are administered by the Service.