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Staffordshire University London

In About us

In About us

In 2019, we harnessed the power of next-generation technology by launching Staffordshire University London. Our specialist Digital Institute is located in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London and extends the reach of the University to the heart of the European capital of technology.

Staffordshire University London is a perfect example of our commitment to making the most employable graduates for the most significant and growing industries. The Digital Institute offers a selection of our finest technological and digital courses, centred on the gaming and computing sectors. The undergraduate and postgraduate portfolio has been designed to cover the lifecycle of modern industry, so wherever you see your future, at Staffordshire University London, we have a course for you: 

Design - Computer Games Design BSc (Hons)
Build the worlds and characters of the future.

Create – Concept Art for Games and Film BA (Hons)
Master techniques from life drawing to motion capture.

Develop – Computer Science BSc (Hons)
Gain expertise in the broad field of computer science.

Protect – Cyber Security BSc (Hons)
Defend networks and systems from digital attacks.

Master – Computer Science (Cyber Security) MSc
Become an expert in this specialist area.

Aspire– Step Up to Higher Education University Foundation Certificate 
Develop the key academic skills needed for university-level study. 

At Staffordshire University London, we have our own expert academic team and facilities, and are part of a bustling community within the Here East campus. We share our location with leading companies in communication, broadcasting and technology, giving students the chance to network while they study, opening doors and opportunities for future careers. What’s more, central London is just a short tube ride away.

We are working to create a network of employers to expand work experience opportunities in new and upcoming industries – just one advantage of being in one of the best-connected places in London. Plus, the ease of travel via public transport between Here East, the UK and the rest of the globe gives students the chance to juggle work, social and professional development activities easily.