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Connected opportunities

In Opportunities for students

In Opportunities for students

Take the opportunity to forge the connections to launch your career while you study.

You are the driving force in your own journey of success, and at Staffordshire University – we can offer you the extra opportunities you need to thrive in your future career. Whether you’re an undergraduate looking to turn your passions into a career, or you’re a postgraduate student looking to upskill, reskill or build on your current expertise – our connected opportunities can take you to the next level. 

As a student of our award-winning institution, we will offer you more than just skills and knowledge – we will give you unique access to our Unique Learning Experience and hold open the doors that will give you the best chance of success in competitive industries - and we’re always by your side whichever path you choose.

Take advantage of the amazing opportunities available to you as a student at Staffordshire University, from professional services that can drive your employability profile and outstanding facilities that will grow you skills, to student experiences that will give you the confidence and support you need to take on the world as a Staffordshire University graduate. 

Our connected opportunities will set you apart from the crowd.